Oh Yeon-Seo Incheon 141203

Actress Oh Yeon-Seo looks sleek at Incheon Airport on December 3, 2014. She’s traveling to Hong Kong for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014.

Korean actress Oh Yeon Seo airport fashion 141203

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IU Incheon 141202

Pop singer IU in elegant style as she traveled to Hong Kong on December 2, 2014, to attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The clothing looks a bit too light for the harsh winter in Korea though.

Kpop singer IU airport fashion 141202

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Kim Tae-Hee Incheon 140613

Korean actress Kim Tae-Hee at Incheon International Airport in smart casual style and smooth silky hair. She’s departing to Hangzhou, China, in June 2014 to film a Chinese drama series.

Korean actress Kim Tae Hee airport fashion 140613

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Son Yeon-Jae Incheon 130305

Korean rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-Jae arrived at Incheon International Airport after the Moscow Grand Prix on March 5, 2013.

Korean gymnast Son Yeon Jae airport fashion 130305

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Jo Yeo-Jeong Incheon 140702

Actress Jo Yeo-Jeong at Incheon Airport in cool casual fashion on July 2, 2014. She’s departing to Alaska for a photoshoot with the Traveller Magazine.

Korean actress Jo Yeo Jeong airport fashion 140702

Credit: Traveller